Robert Ash- Master of Vivid Color

In recent years the art world has been re-energized by artists willing to embrace new technologies as a vehicle to render visible their imaginations – some combining film, digital art, animation, graphics, and photography into their works. The development of photography has had a direct impact on new technologies as accepted fine art mediums. The transitions from chemical processes to those that are now electronically based have provided artists with a broader range of creative opportunities. Elements and principles that are an important part of the fine art experience- shape, color, line, value, space, as well as others- are now infinitely reconfigurable and endlessly malleable in these new contemporary mediums.

One of the great innovators in the field of both art and photography, Robert Ash, has realized that to confront an ever evolving art world with photography is to explore new technologies as a means to create new possibilities. The vivid images in Robert’s exhibit clearly demonstrate his command of photography as well as his understanding of new technologies in fine art.

His images are unique as he expresses emotion through his vivid use of color. Robert is not satisfied to simply recreate a scene in its literal state. His works are a vibrant interpretation of a broader idea; an expression of impact felt; an interpretation of a moment. Moments are transparent and shift out of focus as the moment passes. Robert’s images restructure that process by creating immortality for a moment that would have otherwise been lost.

Robert has taken his travels as inspiration to create a series of fascinating yet instantaneous moments frozen in time that deserve further admiration. His work is influenced by a love for travel, peaceful state of mind, mastery of his craft, and countless other variables that contribute to each finished piece. In this exhibition, the technical subtlety of new media work as a persistence of vision meant to keep us enfolded in a fine art result.

The fine art prints in this show are created using museum quality art papers, museum glass, and archival inks. Each print is authenticated with ARTtrust technologies and come with hand signed Certificates of Authenticity to ensure each print is a Robert Ash “Original” piece of art. In building this collection of work, Robert provides us with engaging usage of imagery through skilled representation of new media and thus elaborating our knowledge of fine art fundamentals.

Pam Renovato, Curator

September 2011

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